Monday, May 17, 2010

Really "off topic", but hey, it's my blog.

Ok, so if you follow my blog you know I've been losing weight and really trying since the summer - I mean really sticking to it. Well, I have a great update. I have, as of July, lost a total of 56 pounds!!! For me to get to my goal weight, I have another 34 to go. I will even be happy losing another 20 - 25 pounds. I'm not really going to be greedy because I know I am so blessed to even have lost this much weight. Some people would give their left arm to have the success I have had. All I can do is thank Jesus for helping me along and walking me through this. I know I could not have done it without him guiding me.

I have been gradually cleaning out my closet to make room for new (smaller) clothes. (insert blushing, giggling smiley here) But about 2 weeks ago 3 of my co-workers sort of ganged up on me about my clothes. I was still wearing clothes that were a few sizes too large for me and I was looking a mess. They called me out and told me about myself and "demanded' that I get rid of the extra large clothes. I went home that night and folded everything that was too big and put it in a stack on the bed. Out of that came a few pairs of slacks and some sweaters. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it is when you consider almost all of it was work clothes, that's a lot of stuff that I need to replace.

So, today I took the first step in updating my wardrobe. I went to New York & CO in search of pants. They were having a pants sale, so I felt like they were a good choice - plus there is a location in the mall right across the street. I went over there and looked at the pants - I already knew which ones I wanted to buy. (I had peeped some out online already) SO when i get to the pants I liked I took a size 18 and a size 16 into the dressing room. I tried the 18's on first. When I did I was like, "Damn, I don't like how they look. This sucks."

Rather than give up, GOD told me to try on the 16's. I tried on the 16's and as I slid my leg into the pant leg, I thought, "there's no way these are going to fit", but they did!!!!! OMG. the 18's didn't fit right because they were too big. Lord have mercy! I can't believe it. I do not remember the last time I was able to wear a size 16 anything. Oh yeah, and it's not a 16W, it's just a plain old 16 - from a regular store - not a plus sized store!!!! I almost cried as I was walking out of the store with my bag. I was floating on air.

Today has been one awesome day. I have an entirely new attitude and a whole new bounce in my walk. Thank you Jesus, because you are really working on me - inside and out!

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