Monday, May 10, 2010

Hair Change

Ok, so I have been MIA for a while and here I am to post once again. I promise I'm going to get back to it. I just bought a blow dryer from Target. Yeah, you read that right. (It's better that the texturizer I was going to use last month!!!!) So I am again going to attempt to blow out my hair. I'm going to take my time and while I sit in the bed watching TV, I'll blowdry. I think if I can maintain a little patience I can do this.

Last time it wasn't a disaster, it just didn't get as str8 as I had hoped that it would. Now that I know how my hair will most likely look and what it will do, I'll just go in with the attitude that it will def not get str8 like some ladies have been able to get their hair to look by just blowing it dry. I just have to face it: I don't have that kind of hair! LOL My hair is a little more resistant, and I should know that from my relaxer days. I could leave a relaxer on my head for 45 minutes and still have hair!!!! I know, it still amazes me that something like that could even be possible.

Well, once again I am going to see what happens. I'll post results tomorrow.

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