Saturday, May 29, 2010


Resilience is defined (on as the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc, after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.

This word best describes my hair. This month has been really something as far as my hair is concerned. I blew it out the 2nd week of May and then the next week I went and got a Dominican Blowout. I finally wet my hair this week and it went right back to those tight coily spirals that I have grown to love. I was almost a little worried that my hair would not revert back, but within 5 minutes of rinsing my hair in the shower, it was back to waves and coils.

Some of my hair coiled even tighter than it did prior to my blow-outs. It was funny to feel this one little section in the back all tightly coiled. Now this is what I call "good hair". I am one of the lucky ones. When I was relaxing my hair I could leave the chemical on for twice the recommended time and still be ok. I could work the chemical down the entire hair shaft and still be ok. There were a lot of things that I did to my hair that were not great, but my hair always pulled through.

As I am going through this time of "hair uncertainty" it's nice to know that no matter what I do with my hair, my hair will have my back.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Texlaxing could be a possibility.

Well, I've been trying to find something new to do with my hair so of course I went and got a Dominican Blow-out last week and I'm still trying to hold onto it for this week. LOL I will probably go over it a little with my blow dryer tonight. I'm not sure when I'm going to wet my hair and let my curls return. I guess I'll see soon enough - maybe this weekend.

So, I've been thinking about other hair options. I'm not really wanting to relax my hair back to bone str8. I've done that and I realize that I was doing way too much in relaxing my hair. After all that I have learned these past 2 years, I can not believe that I even had hair down my back. I would do my touch up and apply the relaxer all the way down to the tips of my hair strands! Yes, all the way down the hair - every time! What was I thinking? I was a dayum fool! So, if I ever went back to that route I wouldn't do the things I was doing before. It was just foolish.

I am seriously considering texlaxing though. Texlaxing is simply under processing the hair with a relaxer chemical. I read up on this yesterday and it truly is an art to this thing. There is a great article here on texlaxing. I read it yesterday and actually took notes. There were 5 different methods for texlaxing listed in the article. When I took noted I thought I would combine all 5 methods to try and keep as much texture in my hair as possible. Basically I would like my same hair just not as bulky. ...and I don't want to get one of those "bulk reducing" haircuts either! I heard that those haircuts are great at first, but they are horrible once it starts to grow out.

So, if I do this correctly, there may not even be that much of a visible difference to my hair. I don't want my hair to look processed. I would just like the bulk removed, less shrinkage, and just a little more curl definition. My mind is basically made up that I am going to go through with it. I'm not afraid of the chemicals as I have been relaxing my own hair since I was 19, so that's no big deal. I have never really trusted my hair to other people. that way if I mess my hair up - it's on me. I could always get a weave, wig, or braids until it grew back, but i never had to deal with that.

I've been trying to rationalize and think: "What is the worst that could happen if I texlax my hair?" Well, the worst is that all of my hair could fall out. LOL I doubt that will happen as I only intend to leave the mixture in my hair for <15 minutes. I used to leave relaxers on my hair for 45 minutes! (yeah, I know) So, what else could happen. Well, my hair could end up bone str8 instead of "textured". That would be an epic fail, but not a loss. I would just keep it moving and make my "newly str8" hair work.

I have had to re-learn how to take care of my hair in the past 2 years. I am a bit discouraged that my hair isn't longer. I know that everyone's hair grows at a different rate, but I just feel like my hair should have been much longer than it is now. I mean, true enough, blown out it brushes my shoulders in the back, but I wanted it to be longer. I am not sure what I was expecting. it just seemed like when my hair was relaxed it grew so much faster. Patience is not a virtue that I current;y have. I have been trying to work on that, but when I want something I want it RIGHT NOW!!!! I've made some good decisions and also some bad ones by "jumping the gun" so to speak.

I seem to get "like this" every couple of months. You know, where I just need a change. Last year i wanted color, so I started henna-ing my hair. This year it's something else. I mean, I am gonna be 40 in a couple of years. I have to keep it young and fresh! LOL I have to remain a trendsetter in my circle of friends and go back to being the chameleon I used to be. one of my friends told me a few years back when they were looking at my pictures, "Wow! I didn't know that was you. You have so many different looks." I need to get back to that. Now that I have been losing weight it's a lot easier.

Going to the mall and seeing all of the different styles and healthy relaxed hair doesn't help either. I saw so many different styles & textures. *sigh* It doesn't make my final decision any easier. Oh well, I'll continue to weigh out my options and I'll make sure to keep you all posted.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You can get with this or you can get with that.

I am at a corssroads. I'm not sure what I want to do with my hair anymore. I have been thinking about chemically altering my hair for some time now. So, instead, I blow-dried my hair about a week ago just so I could get an idea of how long it was. It's pretty decent. I bunned the whole week that I had it blow dried. Then I feverishly co-washed to get my curls back.

This week I just up and got a Dominican Blow-out. Yeah, that's right. I'm not gonna lie, I missed my long, blowing in the wind hair. I was never so glad to feel my scalp! LOL My hair feels so soft & silky. (SMH) But is does. It feels good. It's kind of "poufing" up a little because of the humidity, but it still feels good. The experience wasn't a bad one. The only thing I hate is that my ends need a good trimming and I just got that done in January (2 inches when I went to Urbanbella). What the heck is going on with my hair that my ends are that raggedy? Well, I haven't been sealing them and maybe I need to change my routine up. I don't want to have to trim all the time.

At this point, I'm really trying to figure out what I want to do with my hair. Do I remain natural, go back to relaxing, or go the "in-between route" and do a texturizer. I do know I am enjoying my almost str8 hair today. I had curled it a bit this morning, but the curls didn't want to stay - except for in the front, so I clipped my hair up like in the old days. I hadn't been able to do that in 2 years.

I miss my long hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the same time, I like the freedom of having natural hair. I like being able to wash my hair in the shower, shake it out, and go on about my business. At the same time, I am loving being able to have str8 hair today. Maybe I can just stay natural and get my hair str8nd every few weeks so as not to get bored. I don't know, but I am quite "smitten" with my look today. I am feeling more and more awesome every day and it's showing.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Really "off topic", but hey, it's my blog.

Ok, so if you follow my blog you know I've been losing weight and really trying since the summer - I mean really sticking to it. Well, I have a great update. I have, as of July, lost a total of 56 pounds!!! For me to get to my goal weight, I have another 34 to go. I will even be happy losing another 20 - 25 pounds. I'm not really going to be greedy because I know I am so blessed to even have lost this much weight. Some people would give their left arm to have the success I have had. All I can do is thank Jesus for helping me along and walking me through this. I know I could not have done it without him guiding me.

I have been gradually cleaning out my closet to make room for new (smaller) clothes. (insert blushing, giggling smiley here) But about 2 weeks ago 3 of my co-workers sort of ganged up on me about my clothes. I was still wearing clothes that were a few sizes too large for me and I was looking a mess. They called me out and told me about myself and "demanded' that I get rid of the extra large clothes. I went home that night and folded everything that was too big and put it in a stack on the bed. Out of that came a few pairs of slacks and some sweaters. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it is when you consider almost all of it was work clothes, that's a lot of stuff that I need to replace.

So, today I took the first step in updating my wardrobe. I went to New York & CO in search of pants. They were having a pants sale, so I felt like they were a good choice - plus there is a location in the mall right across the street. I went over there and looked at the pants - I already knew which ones I wanted to buy. (I had peeped some out online already) SO when i get to the pants I liked I took a size 18 and a size 16 into the dressing room. I tried the 18's on first. When I did I was like, "Damn, I don't like how they look. This sucks."

Rather than give up, GOD told me to try on the 16's. I tried on the 16's and as I slid my leg into the pant leg, I thought, "there's no way these are going to fit", but they did!!!!! OMG. the 18's didn't fit right because they were too big. Lord have mercy! I can't believe it. I do not remember the last time I was able to wear a size 16 anything. Oh yeah, and it's not a 16W, it's just a plain old 16 - from a regular store - not a plus sized store!!!! I almost cried as I was walking out of the store with my bag. I was floating on air.

Today has been one awesome day. I have an entirely new attitude and a whole new bounce in my walk. Thank you Jesus, because you are really working on me - inside and out!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blow Out

Alright, so I did it! I blew my hair out again last night. It seems to work better when I do it like Longhairdontcare2011 suggests in her YouTube vid. I didn't blow out wet hair. It was only damp. I had co-washed my hair yesterday morning and when I got home yesterday evening my hair was still a little damp in some places, so I just added the Redken heat protectant and combed it through the sections and then used my Denman for a few passes through my hair and then the blow dryer.

I was somewhat surprised. I did get my hair a little str8r than I had previously and i think it was the actual hair dryer and my method. Before I just used a brush, this time I used the comb attachment. I was a little skeptical, but I used plenty of heat protectant so I think I will be fine.

I have a few pics in my Fotki, but here are 2 just to show what I've done.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hair Change

Ok, so I have been MIA for a while and here I am to post once again. I promise I'm going to get back to it. I just bought a blow dryer from Target. Yeah, you read that right. (It's better that the texturizer I was going to use last month!!!!) So I am again going to attempt to blow out my hair. I'm going to take my time and while I sit in the bed watching TV, I'll blowdry. I think if I can maintain a little patience I can do this.

Last time it wasn't a disaster, it just didn't get as str8 as I had hoped that it would. Now that I know how my hair will most likely look and what it will do, I'll just go in with the attitude that it will def not get str8 like some ladies have been able to get their hair to look by just blowing it dry. I just have to face it: I don't have that kind of hair! LOL My hair is a little more resistant, and I should know that from my relaxer days. I could leave a relaxer on my head for 45 minutes and still have hair!!!! I know, it still amazes me that something like that could even be possible.

Well, once again I am going to see what happens. I'll post results tomorrow.