Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mmm Hmm

Well here I am - just sitting with a few extra minutes to write a little. hair had been feeling a little "extra" thick for the past week, so I decided to henna to see if that would "take it down" a bit. I hadn't henna'd my hair in about 3 weeks so it was pretty good timing. I mixed up just one box of Reshma Henna (200g) with my usual vinegar and water. Then once everything was mixed, I added some honey to make the mixture a little more smooth. it was perfect.

I'm telling you, that Reshma henna is the truth. That immediate dye release is the bizness!!! No more sitting and waiting for dye release. I mix and slap it on my hair and I am good to go. Funny how I nearly cried when I couldn't find MDH Henna in Cherians the day that I started buying Reshma. Oh glad it worked out like it did. This time I did the application a little different than usual. I started the application in the back of my head, but I made sure to really concentrate on my problem area - applying lots of henna to that back portion. Since the front of my hair has a much looser curl pattern I decided not to apply the henna so thick to the front.

So, I left the henna on for a little over 2 hours and of course I DC'd with the Hello Hydration, honey, EVOO mix and this time I made sure to really pack the mixture on. I mean the conditioner completely and totally saturated my hair to the fullest. I left that on for a few hours as well. I noticed something when rinsing though. My hair seemed extra super soft. I think I had finally gotten the right measurements for the mixture. Too bad I didn't measure. I usually just pour it all together in a bow and mix. I added a little more EVOO this time and honey too. I noticed when I was rinsing my hair I could feel the EVOO still - if that makes sense. I liked that. My hair was so friggin soft and it always smells so good with that mixture.

I didn't add any product after I rinsed my DC since it was in the evening. Instead, I waited for my hair to dry as much as possible and then I clipped my hair down and placed my bonnet on. Can't complain not one bit. My hair is looking good. Kind of miss the 2 inches that was cut off a few weeks ago, but hey - it willl grow back - and when I look at the pics pre-cut, those ends needed to go away. Now I can start fresh and since I'm sealing I should see major progress.

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  1. Great. I can't wait to get my henna! You make it sound so easy. Thanks bunches.