Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Thinking

Well, I know if you have been following the blog, you notice I have been slacking on posting and I am so sorry ladies. Work has been so demanding lately and I haven't had much spare time to blog. I got my butt into work and I was a beast, ok! I was working my ass off today - and with great results.

I am nearly completely caught up with things at work from the Christmas break. Yes, I said Christmas break! I was out for two weeks, then when I came back in January I had to prepare for an office move - which took me away from my regular duties - you know how packing for a move can get. Well, once settled into the new office we had an off-site retreat which took me away from the office. Not to mention I am doing the work of 3 people! Anywho, I am nearly caught up. I should be good to go by Wednesday. :)

I haven't really had any new revelations regarding my hair. I mean, no new products to try, no new styles or anything like that. I've just been coasting along...doing my thing....enjoying my hair...wishing it was longer. Yeah, I'm craving length. I think my hair is probably in shock from all of the cold weather. In the 10 years that I've been living in Georgia, I haven't known the winter to actually "be" winter. I mean in years past I was able to count the days I really wore a "real" coat to work. This year it's been nearly every single day. Today was the first day probably since early December that I didn't have to wear a coat to work, but guess what? That cold weather is coming right back! ...and talking about snow flurries on Wednesday morning!!!! UGGHHH! I know I am soooo sick of the cold. Oh yeah, now they're even talking about the potential for spring flooding - how about that! We go from a drought to flood potential. Hammercy! LOL

Can the spring just get here so that I can get back to the daily co-washes that I love so much? I mean, for real. I miss my daily co-washing, but I know my husband and water bill don't miss it. I mean, even my little Wal-Mart bill has just diminished. I haven't been buying 3 bottles of Suave a week or my tub of Softee Activator Gel - I just been like................whatever.

Last year it was easy to co-wash every day because I had a TWA and it was warmer. Now I have some hair and it's cold as heck outside and I just can't walk around with wet hair like that. Wetting it like I do now still keeps it wet most of the day. As a matter of fact, I still have a small damp spot in my hair as I am typing this at 5:24pm (12 hours post shower). SMH

Watch out y'all. I haven't even been on the hair boards like I used to be. I have just been way too busy. But, I'm gonna be back on today - tonight. Like, right now. Like, I have open in the other tab of my Windows Internet browser. LOL I have been toggling back and forth just to try to stay connected to the boards and not lose track of what's been happening.

Oh yeah, one more random thing: I am so glad that I haven't been made to feel crazy in Dunwoody. I mean, working up there - it's a different crew all together. I mean, working in Midtown - natural hair is almost "the norm" there. Dunwoody, well, that's one of the "more professional" spots to work in and I was so afraid that things would be "different" as far as hair is concerned. Well, thank goodness it's not. I mean, I only remember seeing 1 other natural in our building so far, but I've only been there for a month. There are 4 of us in our office, so I’m at home within our walls, but I don't feel out of place when I leave our office. I'll have to take notes on who and what I see in our building and report back.

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