Monday, February 22, 2010

OMG! I Wanna Be a Drag Queen!!!

Ok, I have admitted it. Could I be made up just once! LOL I can't get enough of Top Model, and RuPaul's Drag Race. I mean, I friggin' love RuPaul!!! Child - I live for it. Imagine my surprise when I was flipping channels and saw RuPaul's Drag Race on tonight!!! Oh but not just any episode, it was the 1st episode from last season! Hammercy.

I mean, I just can't get over how fabulous these guys/girls are. Theydo make-up, hair, wigs, and they can even sew! If I could get made up just once - just once! I mean outrageously gorgeous clothes, amazing hair, and super fierce make-up. Puh-leeze! They know how to work some make-up. Not like that chick at the Dior counter in Perimeter Mall who had me looking like a damn clown. SMH

Maybe that's what I need to do - get my make-up done by a drag queen - maybe then it would look decent. I mean, I have had it done like 3 times and it never EVER looks good. It always looks like a mask or something. The foundation NEVER matches my skin, and you can always see "the line" where the make-up deosn't blend correctly. Hell, I do a better job with some E.L.F. powder and a brush. LOL

Oh well........I guess I'll keep watching Ru, becuase if nothing less, she/he is damn sure entertaining! I'll watch just to see what she'll be wearing every episode. LOL

Just Thinking

Well, I know if you have been following the blog, you notice I have been slacking on posting and I am so sorry ladies. Work has been so demanding lately and I haven't had much spare time to blog. I got my butt into work and I was a beast, ok! I was working my ass off today - and with great results.

I am nearly completely caught up with things at work from the Christmas break. Yes, I said Christmas break! I was out for two weeks, then when I came back in January I had to prepare for an office move - which took me away from my regular duties - you know how packing for a move can get. Well, once settled into the new office we had an off-site retreat which took me away from the office. Not to mention I am doing the work of 3 people! Anywho, I am nearly caught up. I should be good to go by Wednesday. :)

I haven't really had any new revelations regarding my hair. I mean, no new products to try, no new styles or anything like that. I've just been coasting along...doing my thing....enjoying my hair...wishing it was longer. Yeah, I'm craving length. I think my hair is probably in shock from all of the cold weather. In the 10 years that I've been living in Georgia, I haven't known the winter to actually "be" winter. I mean in years past I was able to count the days I really wore a "real" coat to work. This year it's been nearly every single day. Today was the first day probably since early December that I didn't have to wear a coat to work, but guess what? That cold weather is coming right back! ...and talking about snow flurries on Wednesday morning!!!! UGGHHH! I know I am soooo sick of the cold. Oh yeah, now they're even talking about the potential for spring flooding - how about that! We go from a drought to flood potential. Hammercy! LOL

Can the spring just get here so that I can get back to the daily co-washes that I love so much? I mean, for real. I miss my daily co-washing, but I know my husband and water bill don't miss it. I mean, even my little Wal-Mart bill has just diminished. I haven't been buying 3 bottles of Suave a week or my tub of Softee Activator Gel - I just been like................whatever.

Last year it was easy to co-wash every day because I had a TWA and it was warmer. Now I have some hair and it's cold as heck outside and I just can't walk around with wet hair like that. Wetting it like I do now still keeps it wet most of the day. As a matter of fact, I still have a small damp spot in my hair as I am typing this at 5:24pm (12 hours post shower). SMH

Watch out y'all. I haven't even been on the hair boards like I used to be. I have just been way too busy. But, I'm gonna be back on today - tonight. Like, right now. Like, I have open in the other tab of my Windows Internet browser. LOL I have been toggling back and forth just to try to stay connected to the boards and not lose track of what's been happening.

Oh yeah, one more random thing: I am so glad that I haven't been made to feel crazy in Dunwoody. I mean, working up there - it's a different crew all together. I mean, working in Midtown - natural hair is almost "the norm" there. Dunwoody, well, that's one of the "more professional" spots to work in and I was so afraid that things would be "different" as far as hair is concerned. Well, thank goodness it's not. I mean, I only remember seeing 1 other natural in our building so far, but I've only been there for a month. There are 4 of us in our office, so I’m at home within our walls, but I don't feel out of place when I leave our office. I'll have to take notes on who and what I see in our building and report back.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mmm Hmm

Well here I am - just sitting with a few extra minutes to write a little. hair had been feeling a little "extra" thick for the past week, so I decided to henna to see if that would "take it down" a bit. I hadn't henna'd my hair in about 3 weeks so it was pretty good timing. I mixed up just one box of Reshma Henna (200g) with my usual vinegar and water. Then once everything was mixed, I added some honey to make the mixture a little more smooth. it was perfect.

I'm telling you, that Reshma henna is the truth. That immediate dye release is the bizness!!! No more sitting and waiting for dye release. I mix and slap it on my hair and I am good to go. Funny how I nearly cried when I couldn't find MDH Henna in Cherians the day that I started buying Reshma. Oh glad it worked out like it did. This time I did the application a little different than usual. I started the application in the back of my head, but I made sure to really concentrate on my problem area - applying lots of henna to that back portion. Since the front of my hair has a much looser curl pattern I decided not to apply the henna so thick to the front.

So, I left the henna on for a little over 2 hours and of course I DC'd with the Hello Hydration, honey, EVOO mix and this time I made sure to really pack the mixture on. I mean the conditioner completely and totally saturated my hair to the fullest. I left that on for a few hours as well. I noticed something when rinsing though. My hair seemed extra super soft. I think I had finally gotten the right measurements for the mixture. Too bad I didn't measure. I usually just pour it all together in a bow and mix. I added a little more EVOO this time and honey too. I noticed when I was rinsing my hair I could feel the EVOO still - if that makes sense. I liked that. My hair was so friggin soft and it always smells so good with that mixture.

I didn't add any product after I rinsed my DC since it was in the evening. Instead, I waited for my hair to dry as much as possible and then I clipped my hair down and placed my bonnet on. Can't complain not one bit. My hair is looking good. Kind of miss the 2 inches that was cut off a few weeks ago, but hey - it willl grow back - and when I look at the pics pre-cut, those ends needed to go away. Now I can start fresh and since I'm sealing I should see major progress.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm Cancelling My Date

This is my designated henna weekend. Although I have co-washed my hair since my awesome trim & style from Urbanbella, my hair still looks great. I cowashed and added some Softee curl activator gel to my hair yesterday and put it up in a puff and let me tell you, my little coils and curls were putting on a show for everyone to see!

I'm not sure what happened at Urbanbella, but since my visit my hair is not the same. My hair feels softer and stronger. It feels less....."rough". I don't know if my hair cuticles were not completely closing or what was happening, but my hair almost always seemed "rough" in some way or another. Right now my hair is so super soft and smooth. I might just be investing in some of the products that were used on my hair at Urbanbella. I mean, my hair feels great!

So, in lieu of this, I will not be doing my bi-weekly henna treatment this weekend. That's right henna. I'm sorry, but I have to break our standing every other Saturday date. My hair feels so good right now that I don't want to do anything to jeopardize it.

I am almost about ready to rebel against the henna for a while. Well, I wouldn't really call it rebelling. I think I'm just going to lay off the henna for a minute and see what happens. I wonder what my hair would look like if I allowed the natural color to grow out and have this burgundy on the ends. LOL Probably a hot mess, but we will see. I might go a month or so without the henna and see just what happens.