Friday, January 29, 2010

Urbanbella Trim

Ok, so I called Urbanbella around lunch time today and they had an opening for a trim on tomorrow morning at 11:00am!!! Of course I booked the appointment. I had to. That was right on time because anyone who knows me knows that I do not like to wait - for anything! I paid my $50 deposit (which goes towards my service) and am booked and ready. I just hope that the weather doesn't get too bad and I have to reschedule.

They are going to shampoo and condition my hair then trim - that costs $60. But, since i haven't been to a salon in 2 years I decided to pay an extra $20 for them to use some product and fingerstyle me on out. So it will be $80 total, which isn't bad. I wouldn't do this every month or even every 3 months, but once a year? Yeah, I would splurge and do it once a year.

The stylist who booked my appointment said that my actual stylist may recommend additional services like deep conditioning or hydrating, but those would be optional. I'm wondering what - if anything - they will recommend? I'm not spending more than the $80 for the service I agreed to - that's it - nothing more! At least for a little while I will be pampered and I can let someone else take on the responsibility of making my hair look good.

I'll make sure to come back tomorrow night with an update and pics from my Urbanbella trim.

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