Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catching Up

Hello everyone. Work has had me so swamped that I hadn't had much time to post anything. I really don't have much to post. My hair and I have just been cruising along. I've been pretty much sticking to my bi-weekly henna applications - which is really doing great things for my hair. Sometimes I don't feel like the long process of henna, but hey, if I miss a week or two, then I am still doing the application at least once a month so that's fine by me.

I've gotten into a "no new products" buying challenge on Naturally Curly, so that is somewhat limiting what I can/will purchase for styling. I wanted to try Eco Styler gel, but I will not do that until my challenge is over. So, I've been trying to find different ways to use the Long Aid gel and my Lemon Cake Batter to get the results I want. Right now it almost seems as if my hair requires more butters than usual. I think it's because it has been getting a little cooler outside and there has been less humidity in the air. Not only am I using the Long Aid Gel, but I am finishing the ends with the Lemon Cake Batter.

Today I didn't even co-wash. I just wet my hair in the shower and went on to add the Lemon Cake Batter. I know my DH loved it because I was able to cut my shower time by half this morning since I was not co-washing. I have to admit, my hair is super soft. I love what the "butter batter" has done for my hair.

Although it's been only 15 months since my BC, I have learned a lot about my hair, but I still have a lot to learn. I guess by this time next year, I might just have it down to a science.

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