Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weight Loss Update

I had gotten some comments on my weight loss and since I hadn't blogged in a while I decided to come on in and update everyone on the progress.

The first thing I did to start my weight loss journey was join Caloriecount.com. There I can enter in everything that I am eating and it automatically calculates the calories for me. It also tells me how many calories I have burned during the day at any given time. You can also log your daily activities and find out how many calories you have burned. They even have a Face Book application so when you log your weight, your friends can see how much weight you have lost. I don't use calorie count as much as I did in the beginning, because I am sticking with a lot of the same foods and I know about how much I can eat at a time.

I am not a real water drinker so any water I drink is a struggle. I get down at least 30 - 40oz of water at work and maybe another 20oz at home. I have almost completely cut out any sodas. If I drink a soda most likely it's a ginger ale or diet soda and those are very limited - once or twice a week. I am almost exclusively a water drinker.

I have also cut down on a lot of sweets. It's a daily struggle because I love cake. Birthday Cake! I crave it. I can buy it by the slice and I will if I don't concentrate on my goal. I stay away from sweets as much as possible so that when I really am at my breaking point and I must have it, I indulge - but not over indulge. That is the key. I just tell myself, that every time I "pass" or turn down dessert, that just allows me another time that I can really say yes. Even when I do decide to have a treat, it's not long before I am satisfied. For example, this weekend, I wanted Oreos. I was able to eat only 2 and I was honestly satisfied with those two cookies.

I also try not eat a meal after 7:00pm. Most times I don't eat anything after 5:00pm unless it's fruit or vegetables. That has helped me tremendously. Since I also have acid reflux, ending my meals earlier has also helped to keep that in check as well.

I have even cut back on fried foods and carbs as much as possible. Even if I happen to eat out at a fast food restaurant, I opt for slaw, fruit, or salad instead of french fries so that when I really want french fries I can have a few. It's a sacrifice, but I am enjoying the rewards.

I think my body and I can finally agree and get along with one another. I have gotten into a rhythm and routine that I don't want to break away from. In February I had to buy all new pants because mine were getting too small. This past weekend, I cleaned out my closet again so that I could make room for a few more items in smaller sizes. I am no longer wearing 2X's or XL Women's sizes. I can comfortably say that my tops are now a size L-Large. I haven't been that in a while and I am so happy. I am now a solid size 18 and not the 26 that I once was a few years ago or even the size 20, 22, or 24 I was earlier this year.

I am excited about what I have going on. I look at myself now and there is no way that I am going back. I am hoping to lose 54 more pounds so that I can be at a healthy weight for my height. I want to get rid of the medications I take for high blood pressure, and angina, and I want this borderline diabetes to go far, far away. The only way I can do this is to take matters into my own hands and get this weight off. The mini-rewards of new clothes here and there is a constant reminder of what I am doing is working. I'm now down 33 pounds for the year. Once I reach my goal, weight and can maintain it, I will be giving myself one final reward - a tummy tuck! Look out world, here I come.....

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