Friday, September 18, 2009

Water: The Essential Element of Life

This post is gonna be so random. I have so much on my mind. This past week has been a week of extreme emotional challenges and I am praying that I have at least gotten over the hump.

First of all, water.
Don’t think I’m crazy. Yes, I said “water”. I hate drinking the stuff. I truly do, but I cannot deny the results I have seen lately from my increased intake of H2O. My skin is looking good. Not many break-outs or pimples. I usually get one around “that time” and that’s it. Even my problem areas on my upper arms are completely clear.

Not only has it helped my skin, but it has more than helped in my weight loss. In just the past month I have lost 7 pounds and I know that it has a lot do with me drinking more water.
I have also realized why my hands swell so badly. It’s the sodas I have been drinking. I love soda, ok. Love it! I mean I have a 12 pack of Ginger Ale as “tummy fixer” in my room at almost all times. (don’t ask, I have a lot of tummy issues) And my new fave drink is Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper! That stuff is so yummy – I could have that as my dessert if I really needed it to be.

Anyway….back to what I was saying about the swelling hands. My hands have been swelling when I am out walking at the mall, around the neighborhood, any time I work out, etc. and I never knew why. I do take a “water pill for my high BP, but that didn’t even seem to help with my hands swelling. Well, since I have “kicked-up” the amount of water I have been drinking, I have not really been thirsty for other beverages. So I have really been trying hard to drink water at/with my meals just so that I can get in as much water as possible.

Well, there was one day in particular that I didn’t drink any soda. I only had water – all day. I walked my dogs that evening in the neighborhood and didn’t get any hand swelling. I was amazed. I thought I was cured. Until the next week when I went to the mall with my son only to find my hands swelling! I could not for the life of me figure out why that was happening. Then I went back to the food log I use on Calorie Count and realized the only thing was the day I walked the dogs, I didn’t have any soda. So I have been noticing now – the days I drink soda – I find that my hands swell if I do any activities outside of “just sitting still”.

Needless to say, I have cut way back on the soda. Instead of 2 a day I have more like 3 a week – if that. I wondered when I would be able to give it up and what would lead me to do it, but I never really thought I could give it up. Not me, I was addicted to the stuff. GOD is slowly but surely seeing me through this madness.

Who knows how my hair is benefitting from all of this water? I guess I will see in the long run.