Monday, September 21, 2009

Regimen Confirmed

Well, Friday night I did my 7th henna application. I had already mixed the henna at work so that as soon as I got home. I ended up leaving the henna in all night. I didn’t really plan on it, but I did.

When I woke up around 6:00am –ish, I got into the shower to rinse. It didn’t take to terribly long. I co-washed about twice to make sure that the majority of the henna was gone. I have noticed that when I sleep in the henna it’s harder for me to rinse, so I think that is my last time doing that for a while. The next time I henna it will be for no more than 5 hours. This will also leave more time for my deep conditioning.

I made my same deep conditioner with a mix of Hello Hydration and Hydralicious, honey, and EVOO. This mixture always has my hair smelling like heaven! I simply love it. It also keeps my hair soooo soft. No need for me to spend extra bucks when this stuff will do the trick.

The one thing I meant to do was to apply some of my Lemon Cake Batter to my hair before the deep conditioner. I bet that would have totally sealed the deal and sent my hair over the edge! LOL That’s ok – it’s a side-note for the next time.

Once I rinsed out the deep conditioner, I was set. My hair felt great – as usual. I am still so surprised every time I henna and my hair is like “whoa”! My hair feels so good. Coils and curls get more defined, less frizz – what more could a girl ask for?

More than anything though, I was surprised at how long my hair has gotten. Check it out for yourself.

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  1. omg!! Your hair has grown so much!!!!