Friday, September 4, 2009

OMG! It's back in my life.

Well, while my son was at football practice yesterday I decided to go to the BSS in search of some tuck-n-combs for a style I wanted to try. (inspired by Spiral) So, I did just that. The store I went to sure didn't have much of a selection as far as combs went, so I decided to go down the street to Kmart.

Yep, you read that right: Kmart. I know that most of them are closing or have closed, but there are still a few of them around the Atlanta metro area. Anywho...I went in there and it took me a minute to locate the tuck-n-combs, but I got 2 packages. One package had 2 large combs about 4 inches wide and the other package had 12 small combs in different colors: 2 each of black, tortoise, clear, olive, navy, and a clear/cream color.

I was excited because the styles I had been wanting to try, I now could - with ease and quickness too! So, while perusing the hair care isles, I ran across something amazing! Y'all I ran up on some Suave Naturals Vanilla Flower. Why Lord, why? LOL I popped the top and took a whiff - "my Lord"!!!! That stuff smells heavenly. I have never seen that particular scent available anywhere!!! I had to get it. I mean, just the other day I said I was going to go back to co-washing with Suave, so this was perfect. Then on down the shelf they had a super huge bottle of the Coconut! Well, needless to say, I picked that up as well. So while my son has practice over there near Kmart I will be stocking up on the Suave.

I cowashed with the Coconut this morning, and man! My hair really missed it. What was I thinking to cut back on the daily co-washing because my hair had gotten a little longer. My napps was born & raised on Suave co-washing! LOL I can't stop now. I'll go back to saving the HE Hello Hydration & Hydralicious for my DC treatments. I'm sorry for doubting your love for me Suave. I know that Vanilla Flower will have us in love for years to come.
Alright, so, back to the co-washing. It was amazing this morning. I had forgotten how easy it was. Not to mention how much I really do enjoy it. My hair felt great afterwards too - not as good as it does after HEHH, but still, it felt good. Thank you for not giving up on me Suave.
You still my boo.

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