Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey Y'all

Ok, I know I have been missing in action for a while but there really has been nothing going on. I have been trying to focus on getting healthy. I have been doing pretty good too. My weight loss plan is in full effect, so I am counting it as a blessing and thanking The Lord for just getting me this far.

On the hair end of things.....well, I have just been taking it easy. I'm not doing wash-n-go's, but more like rinse-n-go's. LOL It's coming up on the Fall, so I am cutting back on the gels and getting more into the butters. I have a little over a pound of Nikki's shealoe butter so I know I will need to re-up around November. I have some Macadamia nut and olive butters that I am dying to experiment with. I need to get some aloe vera gel and glycerin from whole foods and I will be on my way. I even bought one of those nice hand mixers from BrandsMart just for mixing my hair products. It's not the kind with the beaters. It's the stick kind that looks kind of like this:

I paid less than $6 for it so since I will only be using it for product mixing, I should be fine. I can't wait to start whipping up different kinds of butters for my skin & hair. But Nikki's butter will always be my steady. LOL

I'm going to henna sometime during the night Friday night. Especially since my son doesn't have a game on Saturday. I can just chill at home and do "the hair thing". Oooh, so much time. What will I do? *insert evil, sneaky laugh here*

It will have been 3 weeks since my last henna, so I will go on and get the party started. This way I can henna every other week like I want to. I just didn't want to henna on the weekends I get paid, because well....henna time interferes with shopping time. LOL That way on the weeks I don't get paid I still have something to look forward too.

I'm thinking about incorporating Suave conditioners back into my life. I have been so in love with Hello Hydration that I just gave up on Suave. LOL I mean, Hello Hydration and Hydralicious - I need kegs of that stuff! But Suave will be better for the every day co-washing if I ever go back to that. I can't see daily co-washes until the spring of next year. By that time I will have so much hair that daily co-washes will be ridiculous! It's a chore now just with the thickness of it all. I am hoping that the bi-weekly hennas will help to tame my hair a little more.

What I really need to be doing is trying to get some different hairstyles together. I haven't been on NP or Fotki in so long that if it's not an Afro or puff, I just ain't seen it. I am all about what's quick and easy right now. I'm already getting up before the chickens, so I need to make every minute count. I'll be stalking Fotkis tonight so watch out! You just might see me with your hair. LOL

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