Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hughes Family Reunion - Washington, D.C.

The Hughes Family Reunion is something that I look forward to. This is the reunion for my mother-in-law's side of the family. It's always great. They are a special group of people that never hesitate to show and share love.

I think I look forward to it so much because my family never did anything like this. We were too busy being disfunctional to care to try to get together for longer than an hour. From what I remember of my family gatherings as a child, there was more agruing than anything else going on. My grandmother(paternal) would always have to be in charge and order people around. My grandfather would would quietly do what she said. My dad and uncles would always be in charge of keeping all of us kids in line either by making threats or by beating one of us so that we would be an example for the rest as far as what not to do. When the Buchanan's got together it was almost always a disaster.

Not the Hughes Family though. You look at them and almost feel like they are too good to be true. They all are really in and into church, they are all genuinely kind and warm towards people in general. How can you not love them? My mother-in-law has done more for me in the time that I have been married than my mother and father have done for me in my entire lifetime.
My children know their paternal side of the family like they know their friends at school - that's much more that i can say about what they know about my family. I mean, they know their aunts, great aunts, great-great aunts, grandparents, and their goo-gobs of cousins! I am so very thankful that my husband gave my a family I could be proud of.

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