Friday, August 7, 2009

Hair Observations

Ok, it's almost been a year since my BC. My hair has reached a critical stage. I can no longer to a quick and simple wash and go. It has started taking me about 10 minutes in the shower to get it "right" - which is far too long. I mean think about takes about 3 1/2 minutes to get my hair fully saturated by water just to begin the process. Then I have to add the conditioner, fingercomb, rinse, add product, finger comb again, and shake out. Oh yeah, and I still have to wash my body! LOL

I knew it was coming, but my husband said something about my long showers. I had been trying to find a way to cut them shorter, but wasn't sure about what to do, and when I finally got a clue, he made mention about the daily 20 minute showers. I couldn't say a word except that I would do better.

Well, yesterday morning was the last of those showers until I do a detangle which will most likely be a weekly thing. But yesterday I added some Knot Today and Curling Custard. My hair was ok, but it was ready for what I had planned - good advanced thinking on my part. So, last night I put my hair in a few big twists (not sure how many, I didn't count) and wrapped my hair up. This morning when I got into the shower I just rinsed my head/twists under the shower to make sure they were wet. Cool! That only took a few seconds to do. My loose hair takes forever to get fully wet. I didn't have to add any more product since the KCCC was still in my hair. I shook the excess water from my twists and added some shealoe butter. I let that soak in and took the twists down, and shook my hair out and I was surprisingly pleased with what I saw. My "problem area" didn't get as wet as it should have, so I just spritzed it with a little water shook my hair again, and I was good to go.

Today my hair looks just as good as it did yesterday if not better - and I didn't even bring my camera to take pics. *boo* My hair also feels great. I know the shea aloe I bought on eBay had plenty to do with it. I am going to make a little of my own next week so that I can have a little more for my hair. When the winter comes I will be needing to protect it and my butters will be just what I needed.


  1. I recently started letting my hair grow although I big chopped a year ago... and the little TWA that I have now took some getting used to when it first came in. Having super short hair is soooo easy and when its gone its a new chapter in hair care. Good luck with your length and continued growth.

    Wish me the same.

  2. Ah yes, I remember reaching that "in-between" stage. It was actually my favorite length of hair - shoulder length (stretched/straightened) but yes, it was sort of time-consuming! Too long to do the simple W&G that got me through the TWA days, and too short to pineapple and get 2nd day hair like I do now.

    It's a milestone... while it may have its inconveniences, enjoy it while it lasts! ;)