Saturday, August 15, 2009

FL09 Regimen...I think.

It's been about a month since my last henna and I need to get on it. My hair is begging, screaming for it. Since my husband has gone in the direction of my fave store to get henna I asked him to pick some up for me along with some Vatika Oil. My hair needs an overnight henna session and a great deep condition in the AM.

I want to start henna-ing my hair every other week. While I am entering into the fall season at work I think I will try to wear twists in my hair until the day before I henna. Then I can henna on Saturdays and twists again on Sunday night.

I'm going to see how long I can go with this routine. I don't usually stay in protective styles very long because I miss feeling my loose napps. The last time I put twists in my hair I took them down about 3 days later because I missed my hair. As long as I get my products together (butters) I think I'll be able to do this the way I want to do it.

I'm hoping that Nikki's Sheaole Ferox Butter will help me through the cold months as far as protecting and moisturizing my hair. I am really going to try extra hard to go through with this. I want to see if there will be any significant changes to my hair after going through the fall and winter in the majority of protective styles. I bet my hair will thank me.

I'm really going to have to get this thing down because my hair loves co-washing. Ususally when I have twists in I don't co-wash very much. I only rinse in the shower, add some type of oil and go on about my business. That is going to have to change if I keep my hair in twists. I'm going to have to learn how to co-wash my twists without them unraveling. If I can keep them from unraveling, this might be easy.

I should measure my hair now and then again around the end of the year. I haven't measured my hair in a while, because I have been noticing significant hair growth. I'm not sure if it's the henna elongating my hair or actual hair growth or a combination of the two. Whatever it is, I'm going to continue to enjoy it while I can.

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