Friday, August 14, 2009

Co-washing really is the -ish!

Well, after I was able to admit that I was no longer in the TWA stage and admit that my wash & go’s were becoming “I’m washing too long’s” I began to twist my hair at night and rinse the twists during my A.M. shower. This was a pretty good idea. It works well, for what need it for, but I miss the wash & go.

By Thursday I was seriously “needing” a wash& go. (or was I) I’m not sure, but I sure wanted one. Last night I slept bonnet-less on my satin pillowcase in anticipation of my Friday morning co-wash. I couldn’t wait to get my Hello Hydration this morning and go to work on my head. Oh man! My hair needed it soooo bad!

I just stood under the shower head this morning – relaxed, and thinking how good the warm water felt as it tickled my scalp. Once my hair was almost completely wet, I added the conditioner. Man! My hair was just drinking it up! It felt amazing on my hair. I enjoyed every minute of the hair fondling! LOL My hair was full of conditioner and the finger combing was easy. My hands were able to slip through the coils while smoothing them at the same time.

I had a good little bit of shed hair, but what could I expect when I had just stopped my daily co-washing “cold turkey”? My hair was retaliating and I didn’t too much care for that. I am going to have to go back to the co-washing! I just have too. My hair will thank me for it.

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