Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Needing Something New

Well, here I am again with another recipe that I ran across. Let me back-track a little. I have been wanting something that will be a little heavier on my hair. The Curl activator, Curling custard, and IC gel alone aren't really doing it for me. I'm thinking I need something more like a cream/creme type product.

So, I had a sample of Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding that I used on my hair today and I nearly needed the entire 2oz container for my thick hair. What I liked about it: It went on really great - not greasy. It gave my hair more weight and didn't take my hair long to dry after the product was applied. It's been a little over 2 hours and my hair is about 80% dry as opposed to 40 - 50% dry. My hair doesn't feel dry like some poeple reported experiencing. I guess I will have to see how my hair holds up through the rest of the day. What I don't like about it...THE PRICE!!!!!

Now, so far, with the way my hair feels, I'm liking this Curly Pudding. So, I go onto Miss Jessie's website and this stuff is expensive - and I'm actually considering buying it - BUT before I do, I'm running to Nappturality to see what the ladies have to say about it. So I'm reading and then someone says that there is a recipe for something similar in the Homemade Hair Products thread.

All I had to do was search for it and there it was! I am currently reading the thread now and will come back with more info....

Ok, so the recipe sounds great, but after further reading, this is not somethign that I could use daily after co-washing. Hmmmm......not sure what to do now. I like how Miss Jessie's did my hair this morning, but that stuff is just too expensive. Someone on NP mantioned MJ's has a BOGO once a year, so maybe I can find out when that is. At the same time, I'm not sure that I even want to try it, and get addicited to it only to have a need for a product I can't afford.

I am going to order some shealoe this week and maybe I will make a little of the recipe I saw on NP today. I mean, what can it hurt? I think I will make half of the amount that was listed in the recipe I saw. If worst comes to worst and i don't like it for my hair, I can use it on the kids and it wont go to waste.

Now I have the MJ curly pudding on my hair so I def am not going to co-wash tomorrow. I am going to spray my hair with just a tiny bit of water and twist in big twists for a twist-out in the AM. Then in the morning I will see how it looks.

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