Monday, July 13, 2009

Henna #4

Here I am slipping again. LOL It's been rough. I been trying to get things together for this busy month of traveling. Anyway....enough of that - onto hair!
Well I henna'd again on July 3rd and it went great. I mixed the henna when I came home from work and by 11:00PM I had great dye release. I applied the henna, wrapped up my head and went to sleep. I kept the henna on until about 7:30am. Yeah, it was a while. I DC'd using Hydralicious and Hello Hydration mixed w/ honey and EVOO. I kept the DC mixture in my hair for about 3 hours. I made sure to rinse good so that I wouldn't have the "orange drippies" like I did the last time.

With each henna my hair is looking better and better. I think I might be at full color saturation - which is fine with me. My hair is doing some great things since I henna'd - well, since the 1st henna - and it's only getting better. My hair is responding nicely to whatever product I put in it. It's really nice. Even when I was relaxed, my hair still "behaved" well. I'm just glad to see that this carried over with my natural hair.

I love the curl definition I have here (6July09 pic) and I used nothing more than some VO5 Passion Fruit Smoothie in my hair - that's it. I never knew that wearing my natural hair could be so rewarding. The only problem I really have is trying to supress the product junkie in me. I've been doing pretty good. For the most part I have been able to purchase commercial products for my hair that work just as well as the boutiqe products that cost 2 and 3 times as much. I am making some significant changes and my wallet will thank me. I've already given up on KCCC and KCKT. I can get the same effects from the VO5 and Long Aid Activator gel. Every time I think I want to try something new, I get nervous and change my mind - if it ain't broke....

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