Monday, June 22, 2009

Tybee Island and the Wonder of GOD

Yes, I went to the beach on Saturday. More specifically, I went back to Tybee Island. It's a 3 hour drive and well worth it. It's not Miami Beach or Venice where you go and see all kinds of vendors and people. It's where you go to just relax and enjoy the beach for what it is.

So, I get there and at first I am so consumed with just getting in the sun, that I can hardly think of anything else. I wanted to get a super great tan and nothing else. LOL So, when I get there, I pick a great place on the beach to settle in. I spread out my blanket and sat for a minute - just watching the water, and everyone else that was there. I like to observe people. I walk down to the shore just to get my toes wet and to see how warm the water is. Well, the water was great - so warm. I walk back to my blanket and sit down. I was so happy and so thankful to be there. I was just going to relax and try to let the ocean wash away all of the stress that was built up.

So, I chill on the blanket for a while before getting into the water. I never get in too deep. If I can't see my feet through the water, I get closer to the shore. However, this time, I was a little more adventurous. I went out into the water, and I couldn't see my feet. But I wasn't too afraid. Even the little fish that were jumping up out of the water just a mere few inches in front of me didn't bother me. The water was calming - even as the small waves began to come in. I enjoyed the way the waves beat me up and pushed me towards the sand. The water was so warm and comforting. It almost felt as if GOD was wrapping his wings around me to let me know that things would be ok.

After walking in the water for a while, I go back to my blanket just to sit and get some sun. I lay down and just clear my head. I can hear the sound of the waves and water hitting the sand. I love that sound. It's so soothing. I could stay here forever. I can here children laughing and people talking - not their exact conversations, but just voices. Everyone looks and sounds so happy. I can even here my own children laughing and playing in the water every once in a while. I love this sound. It's like the beach is a magical place. I sat up to take a look around - just to observe...I saw smiling faces everywhere. I didn't see one person who didn't look like they were enjoying themselves. Everyone was either tanning, sleeping, resting, jogging, or playing - from age 2 - 90 - everyone was having a great time. I saw older people, couples, children, surfer types, all kinds of people, chilling - doing the same thing - enjoying the beach. No one was arguing, or fighting. There was no tension at all. I saw white people and black people kicking it together - strangers - having a good time together.

The most amazing thing to me was to see GOD's work. I mean to see the beach and think about how GOD made it is awesome in itself. I mean think about it. Think about how he created each and every grain of sand, every seashell. Even more so, look at GOD's greatest creation - man. Look at us all on the beach enjoying what god has given us. Look at how we are all interacting together - coexisting. One of the most exciting and most amazing things for me was to see the dolphins. YES! Real dolphins!!! They were in the water and we could see them. They were not as close to the shore as we were, but they were close enough for us to see them swimming out in the water.

When I saw them I was so excited. I had butterflies in my stomach like a small child at Christmas. I was pointing and laughing and giggling. When they were first spotted, people were yelling and pointing - someone even mentioned that they were sharks, but that was because of the fin on the dolphin's back. There were so many of them - swimming up the coast. I couldn't wait to get up off of my blanket and run into the water to get a closer look. I really could not believe what I was seeing. Sure, you see dolphins at the aquarium, or Sea World or something like, that, but when you see them in the ocean like GOD intended them to be, it's so amazing.

As the sun started going down, I headed back for my blanket so I could just sit and enjoy the rest of my time on the beach. As I layed there watching the water, my attention turned more towards my immediate surroundings. I just looked and studied my blanket, my sunglasses, and then the seaweed that had washed ashore, and the sand. I kept thinking to my self and remembering Pastor saying that GOD knows every grain of sand. Then I began to look up and down the beach and back down at the sand that was immediately surrounding me. Then I thought about something else that Pastor said, "He knows every thing on this earth." ...and I am thinking, "every grain of sand?" I mean, to know every grain of sand just on the beach where I am or even the sand that is just immediately surrounding me is unfathomable! But to imagine every grain of sand on every beach in the world, every person in the world, every animal, etc...well it's just too much to even imagine.

Just as I was surveying the sand around me, I noticed the different seashells that were mixed in with the sand and remnants of seaweed. There were all kinds of shells. But what was most amazing to me were these tiny little sea shells that I found in the sand. When I say tiny, I mean super tiny. When I saw them all I could think about was the tiny little clam that would have been inside this shell. It was hard to believe that there could have been something so small. What was even more amazing was once again, the work of GOD. I looked at how small the shell was, and then I studied the shell. I took into account the color of the shell. The detailing of the lines and shape of the shell. Then I was just in awe of GOD all over again.

How could he take so much time and patience to create something so small? Because he is a GOD that loves. He loves everything that he creates and creates everything because he loves. Then I began to apply this thinking towards people. To GOD we are just as small as the shell I had laying on my fingertip. He took time and patience to create each and every one of us. Just like the tiny seashell, he thought about our color, our hair, the color of our eyes, the shape of our arms, legs, and hands. He even gave us distinct shapes and lines like the shells. Think about our fingerprints - they are unique to us - no one has the same finger print as I do. Think about every person in the world, and not one is a duplicate.

Then I went right back to looking at the beach and all of the people there. I was glad to have this day. I was fully able to appreciate GOD and just a small portion of what he is capable of doing. I realized how fortunate I was. Not only because I was at the beach having a good time, but because GOD took so much time to make sure that I was a special one-of-a-kind. There is no one else like me, and I love GOD and thank him for creating me.


  1. Beautiful post, I need to get to a beach real soon

  2. Thanks. I was so moved by what I saw, I had to try to put it into words.