Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time to Change it Up

I don't know what I am gonna do about my hair. It's not like it's hard to take care of or anything like that. It's thick and coily and I love it. However, I am noticing that it is taking longer to co-wash...and the detangling this morning was painful! I guess as my hair is getting longer and thicker I am going to have to change up my regimen. I love the Suave conditioners, but I think I am going to have to go with something a little thicker. I have a big bottle of HE Hello Hydration under my sink, and as soon as I am out of Suave I will switch over to that. I think at this point my hair requires some heavier products in order to keep from being all over the place.

I'm still going to stick with my Long Aid activator gel because it gives the curl definition I am looking for. However, if there was something a little heavier, I would use that instead. I guess I am going to have to start looking at more/different products.

I'm not trying to use that as a reason to get back into PJism. LOL It's the truth. I am going to have to test out some things. I swear, I want to go to Urbanbella so bad to get a consultation. But I know if I do, they will be recommending expensive products for me to use when I really don't want to spend that kind of money on hair products. I mean, the Curling Custard is already $26. I stretch that and make it last for about 6 months so that it's not so bad, but the way my hair is now, I don't think there's going to be any more stretching. I guess that's why I have been holding onto the Long Aid curl activator like I do.

I'm trying to do this on a realistic budget. I'm not some well paid diva who can spend hundreds of dollars a month on her hair. (although I would love to think that I am) LOL I am a mother of 5 who works for a non-profit. Get the picture? I have to do this as economical as possible.
Let me get to my co-washing and detangling session from this morning. It was pure hell!!! Well, maybe not pure hell, but it was a little rough. I had no idea how much my hair needed detangling. I knew it needed some assistance, but to this magnitude - NO! I have been slipping on the detangling because I have been trying to spend less time in the shower. Well, I gotta do what I gotta do, and what I gotta do is spend more time on my hair.
So I put some Suave on my hair and tried to work it through, but it was not enough. I had to saturate from root to tip with the stuff to even get the amount of slippage I needed. I mean my hair was plenty white. So I am finger combing and raking my hands through my hair and it was a tough time. I was hitting all kinds of tangles and snags. I had a decent little wad of shed hair too. I can't complain though. I usually only have a few hairs a day. Today I actually did a good detangle and still got only a small wad of hair. I'm not tripping on the shed hair - I mean, with all of the hair on my head, it's not like it will be missed. It would be different if it was a clump of hair that came out all in one area, but that's not the case.
So, as I continued to detangle my hair, I noticed it began to act as if it wanted to go into a more downward direction as opposed to it just being "out". *I'm thinking, "Finally. It only took you 10 months."* Even as I was putting the gel on my hair, it was still trying to hang down a little. Even now that my hair is about 95% dry, it has "attempted" to dry in a more downward direction than usual.
I'm not taking this as the new trend, because I know that my hair will do what it wants. The top of my hair usually flops anyway, but this rough front hairline, shoot, it sticks straight up! LOL ...and the very back of my head - where that little egg part is, well, parts of it grow down while most grows out. It's going to be funny to see what my hair looks like a year from now. I'll just pray it's not a hot mess. LOL

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  1. Well honestly, to me your hair looks so healthy and beautiful. :) I just love those cute little coils. ^_^