Friday, June 19, 2009


Why do folks have to keep commenting on my hair?

What’s up with the hair?” *What do you mean what's up with it? Nothing, it's mine, it's growing, and this is the style for the day. If you don't like it, then don't look at me.*

Oh, I don’t like it like that.” *Who asked you?? I know I don't remember asking if you like it or not. I didn't know I needed to run my daily styles by you to make sure you "liked it". *

Are you going to pull your hair up?” *WTF???? What kind of question is that and WTF does it matter if I pull my hair up or not? Are you suggesting that I need to "pull my hair up"?*

I love your hair like that."Thanks" *So are they thinking if they compliment this style that I'll keep wearing it like this and not wear the other styles that they don't like or feel comfortable with me wearing?*

I really like your hair like that."Thanks" *Ok, so does that mean that you really hated my hair in all of the other 1billion styles I have worn?*

"Is that a wig?" *Is this a compliment or is somebody really tripping?*

Do you really think I give a rat’s azz what you (people in the world) think about my hair or how I should wear it? I mean really?

...and then there are the folks that think I should report all of my “hair activities” to them. Why is it that folks think they have a say-so on your hair once you cut the perm off? If I don’t ask for your suggestion, don’t offer them, ok?

Am I now incapable of styling my hair now that it's natural? Give me a break already. How about you get yourself some business and stay out of mine...and my hair.

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  1. My sister got cussed out today because she kept sayin how dry my hair looks......... Heifer its not SOUL GLOW........... its not gonna shine!