Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Checking In

Sorry it's been so long! A whole week without a new post. I have so much going on. I stopped "Tweeting" because I couldn't hang. I finally got the hang of FaceBook, Nappturality is where I spend the majority of my FIT (free Internet time), and between all of that, work, and looking for a fiyah gold or bronze pair of shoes, I'm just swamped! LOL I promise I will do better......really, I mean it.

Ok, so right now I am just in chill mode with my hair. I did notice some new growth since my last henna on May 18th, so it's looking like I will have to mix some up for next weekend. I'll make sure to get my supplies together and spend my Saturday morning treating my hair to a wonderful spa day. LOL So.....I guess I will mix my henna around 7:00pm so that by the time I get up Saturday morning, I can get started. Yeah, that will be good. I need to run by Wal-Mart and pick up some more rubber gloves and HE Hydralicious. Well, maybe if i take the time to locate my rubber gloves I wouldn't have to pend $1.27 on a new package! LOL

I did some 2-strand twists last weekend and let me just say, they were nice! They were so thick. Before, I would make my twists and they wouldn't be nearly this thick and on Saturday when i did them, I was amazed at how nice and juicy they were. It didn't take long to do them either. I might start twisting my hair at night for a few days to see how it goes. (that's probably a lie seeing as how I love the ease of just putting on my satin bonnet and going to bed) I wouldn't do as many twists as are in the picture for overnight, but a few just to keep my hair stretched. Not sure though. I know it will be a commitment and plenty of nights I am guilty of watching TV until I fall asleep. I'll try it tonight and see how it goes - just some big ol' sleeping twists. LOL

Now what I have noticed is that my hair is starting to hang/flop a little more. I keep wondering is it because of the henna, the length/growth, or both. I'm really excited to see how my hair will look in about another year or so. I have been visiting different Fotki albums to see hair that looks like mine and I really haven't found anyone who has hair that looks like mine. I have fine little coils all over my head that range from coffee stirrer size, to small marker sized coils. Most are in between the two. I have seen one person with hair similar - she has a (slightly) looser coil but my hair is somewhat thicker. I guess nothing but time will show me the results.

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