Monday, June 15, 2009

Hair Growth

Well, I henna'd my hair on Saturday. I had to use 2 boxes of henna this time in order to fully cover my hair. Not only is my hair super thick, but it has grown a little. How about I stretched out a coil from the back of my head and it is already CBL (collar bone length). You would never know it with the 99% shrinkage I have. LOL *well, not quite 99%, but you get the idea* It's another 4 inches for the very back to get to APL (arm pit length). So, I am thinking that worst case scenario it will take me 8 months, or until February 2010, to reach this goal. Maybe I should invest in some biotin and see exactly what that will do for my hair - if anything.

The very front of my hair reaches right to the bottom of my nose. I'm ready for this part of my hair to be chin length. Unstretched the very front doesn't even reach my eyebrow. (add side-eye smiley here) Althought I know my hair is growing, that is no sense of comfort for me right now. Summer is haere and I am wanting a fierce ponytail instead of my super fly puff. Yeah, I know - they typical "woman is never satisfied".

On an up note, my hair onthe sides is hanging half the length of my ears already - unstretched. Yes, I am quite happy about that little tidbit, but not surprised. Right on my hairline around my ears has a less amount of shrinkage than the rest of my hair. My son's hair is the same way, exept his curls are much more loose than mine. I used to wonder when I was braiding his hair why those two braids on each side of his head would always hang longer than the rest. i had no idea about shrinkage back then. It was only after I got on Nappturality and started reading and researching that I found out how shrinkage and out hair worked. Then I wondered if my hair would act the same as my son's and it does.

So, as I keep track of my hair growth from day to day, month to month, etc, what am I really expecting to see? I guess in the beginning I really thought I would see some overnight growth. LOL It sounds stupid, but I really did think I was going to see something miraculous. I went and visited Fotkis of people I knew whose hair was nothing like mine. Why? Because I was looking for just one person who has that "overnight" growth so that I could have the hope of mine growing that quick. I spent countless hours on Fotki looking, hoping, and wishjing, that I could have the "supernatural" (pun totally not intended) hair growth I was searching for.

My hair seemed to have grown fast when I was relaxing my hair - especially seeing as how I was doing a "touch-up" once a month. If I ever made it to six weeks, that was pushing it. Why was my hair growing so slow all of a sudden now that I have decided to stop using a relaxer? Where my hair was concerned, it seemed as if time stood still.

It's been 10 months (on June 22nd it will be 10) since my BC (big chop) and I'm still looking for something out of the ordinary to happen. Foolish - yes - but understandable. Every now and then I would get a little pick-me-up because my twists were longer or fuller or I would notice neding more product for my co-wash. Sometimes I would even be able to achieve a new style because of the added length I now had - wearing a puff...huh....huh?

Ok, so yeah, I shouldn't be complaining. Moreso tripping. I been able to wear a real certified puff since April - what's that, like 6 months post BC that I could wear a legitimate puff? Enough said.

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