Friday, June 12, 2009

Did I finally stumble onto something?

Ok, so I have been trying to find a way to keep my hair moist and get a little curl definition in the process. It seemed like things would work half way - either give me dry definition, or moist frizz. LOL I could never get anything to do both.

Well, just from pure experimentation, I think I have found something! I occasionally leave Suave conditioner in my hair and on yesterday I did that again, but I topped it off with some Long Aid Activator Gel. Yep, so I added both to my damp hair. Shook my hair a little and went on my way. Yesterday's results were fantastic and at the risk of it being a fluke, I did it again today with even better results!

My coils have so much definition. My hair is soft and moisturized - not sticky, tacky or flaky. Frizz has truly been limited and cut down to nearly being gone. It's amazing. Each little coil is sitting up doing it's own thing. I finally got the hair I wanted just by going and trying something new with the products I already have. And just think......the gel costs $6 for a huge tub, and Suave is $1 a bottle. So I got my miracle for less than $10.

Here are pics of my hair from today:


  1. I'm glad you've found a staple. It's been a while since I visited your fotki. Your hair has grown in leaps & bounds.

  2. Hmm.... Imma have to remember this... Something about the word "activator" makes me think of Jehri Curls!

  3. Great definition. :) I'll bet the folks that make LongAid thought they would go out of business before more people started realizing you can use it as just a CURL activator.. Not only a JHERI curl activator. I use to love LongAid when I had my jheri curl drippin' 10 years too late. :p

    It is wonderful to find cheap products that actually work.