Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Caramel Treatment?

Ok, while surfing the net I ran across this article: The Caramel Treatment - a Natural Hair Softener

Well it sounds pretty good. However, it says something about loosening the curl pattern, specifically: "Many report 'loosening' of hair texture as well as less shrinkage after the treatment but this is likely due to the added weight of the product as well as the increased moisture levels in the hair. For this reason, the caramel treatment is excellent for helping to straightening the natural hair as it takes less heat to get smoother results as well as better moisture retention." I am not looking to loosen my natural curl pattern, but I am all for an all natural hair softener and less shrinkage.

(On this website you can find a small paragraph about the Caramel Treatment as well as a link to the article I mentioned above. Just go into the "101 beginners guide" section for tips and info.)

I have some of the things for the recipe at home! The rest I can buy later. Here is the recipe as posted in the article mentioned above.

Here outlined is a simple recipe.....:

Honey - 6 tablespoons
Olive Oil - 6 tablespoons
Bananas - 2-3 overripe and very soft
Molasses (Treacle) - 3 tablespoons
Water - 4-6 tablespoons
Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 tablespoon

I am loving this simplified version of the recipe. The original "product" also has wheat germ oil and cornstarch. I am going to henna this weekend, so in about 2 weeks I think I will try this and see how it goes. I am intrigued. LOL I think it will be fun to put this in the blender and have a go at it.

Ok, so after a little more reading, I see that (to me) it looks like this is more of a protein treatment. I don't want my hair getting too much protein, so I think I may just do this once a month (as suggested) instead of every other week. I have heard/read things about the protein overloads that some ladies have gotten and my hair has been fine without me doing "specific" protein treatments. I say specific because I don't knowingly put products in my hair that contain protein. If one of my products happens to have protein, then great, if not, then that is fine too. I just go with what products work best with my hair.

Once I do the Caramel Treatment I will be sure to post an update along with pics.

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