Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stop! Henna Time

Ok, well it looks like I am taking the henna plunge tonight. I bought my henna yesterday at an Indian store in Decatur and I mixed it this morning before I left for work. Yes, it was good and bright/pea green. When I mixed with the water and vinegar, the smell was like some grass or something "green" that you might be cooking on the stove like spinach or collards without the smoked meat. I had to use almost 2 cups of water for the 100 gram package.

It looks like some of the die released immediately. I stirred until it was about the consistency of mashed potatoes. When I get home tonight I will mix in some honey until it gets smooth and then I will slap it into my hair. Not sure how long I will allow it to stay on, but at least 4 hours. I might let it stay on all night and just get up early in the morning to rinse it out. Either way, I am excited about the experience.
I will post pics tomorrow - both here and in my Fotki album.

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