Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Optimistic About It

Well, if you've been keeping up, you know that I have jumped on the henna band wangon with my hair and it is in full effect! I henna'd twice in one week! LOL So I was all up in arms about losing the color I got from the 1st henna. Well it looks like my hair is continuing to evolve.

Here is are pictures of my hair from the 1st henna:

Here is a picture the morning after my second henna. Notice how much darker my hair had gotten.

Ok, two days after my second henna my hair looked like:

Ok, so it looks like it has gotten a little lighter and someone at work even noticed, so I guess I'll see. Although I am caught up about the color of my hair, right now my focus is to get my hair in the best shape possible.

Right now I have been conditioning my hair and testing out deep treatment recipes. Tuesday night I mixed up some HE Hydralicious, EVOO and honey. I put a plastic curl cap on and left it in over night. Was it soft? Heck yeah! My hair loved it, but I haven't found anything yet that my hair doesn't like. I have to admit, my hair behaves very well and I guess that' why it was so easy for me to relax my hair in the first place - because I got that bouncy, flowing hair you see in the commercials.

Well, now that I know better {than to relax my hair}, I am totally focused on getting my hair in good shape for the summer months. Much to my surprise, I found that henna is a good sunscreen for hair, so now it's not mandatory for me to cover my hair while I'm out in the sun this summer. However, I will still take precautions when I expose my hair to excessive amounts of sun.

Bring on the summer!

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