Thursday, May 14, 2009

Henna Preparation Recipe

This is not my personal henna recipe. This was supplied by one of my hair inspirations - Spiral (from Naturally Curly & Nappturality). I copied this from the Naturally Curly website through the following link:

Any notes or personal changes to her original post is shown in green italics.

I used this information to mix my own henna except I didn't have any ACV so I used distilled white vinegar instead. I hope this doesn't kill me! LOL I also heated my water - not to boiling, but it was pretty warm. Form what I understand, that may make my dye fade over time. I am not concerend with that. I have plenty of henna, so I can always do another application if I want color.

1. Dump my henna in a bowl (I used glass).

2. Mix my acv with a cup of water (room temp. Some people add boiling water to get faster dye release, but it makes henna fade over time) (I may have messed up here - I heated my water on the stove, but it wasn't boiling. I just got it to a nice warm temp. Next time I will use room temp water if I will not be applying the henna for 12 hours. I'm not too concerned about the color, I am more interested in the conditioning effects of the henna.). Change the amount of water depending on how much powder you're using. You want only just enough water/acv to moisten all the henna.(also, I use only 4 tblsp of ACV {I used distilled white vinegar} for 200 grams of henna. And I probably don't even need that much to get dye release).

3. Add acv{I used distilled white vinegar}/water to henna and mix, add a little more water if necessary (just to be sure that there are no dry parts.) Don't add too much water/acv.

4. The henna should be very thick, like mashed potatoes, because the honey that you add later will thin it out.

5. Cover with cling wrap and let it sit at room temperature for 9 to 12 hours or until you see dye release. (It will be about 12 hours by the time I get home and start applying my henna.)

6. After dye release has occurred, I add my honey. I don't measure, I just add it until I get the texture I want - goopy, but not too thin, like extra thick pudding. The mixture will be silky smooth.

7. Then apply it very thick, like icing, and leave on for four hours minimum. The henna will pull your hair almost straight if you apply thick, like you should.

8. Wrap your hair around your head, and wrap your head in cling wrap, then put on a wool hat or wrap your head in a towel. Natural heat is important for getting the henna to take. So keep your head warm. Your head will feel verrry heavy,You may need to lie down and read a book or watch a movie. (I think I will sit with my heating pad on my head to see how that works for me.)
Ok, so after I got home, I showered, washed my hair with Nature's Gate Jojoba Shampoo to make sure it was all clean. I added some honey to the henna mix and stirred it in. I applied the henna mix to my hair using a large applicator brush. 100 grams was almost not enough for my hair. I was surprised that I used it all. After I applied the henna I wrapped my hair with the cling wrap - including the pieces that previously cover my henna mix. Then I put on a plastic curl cap. After that I tied my heating pad on my head, set the temperature to "HI" and wrapped a large bath towel around all of that and watched TV for about 2 1/2 hours before I rinsed.

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