Monday, May 18, 2009

Double Trouble

Ok, so I wanted to henna over the weekend but didn't and should have. I know - confusing already. I was too busy trying to see if I could find an Indian Market near my home that had comparable prices to Cherians in Decatur, GA. Well, I went to a market near my home but man!!! I don't know how they stay in business. They hardly had anything in there. I saw the henna and it was triple the price of Cherians. Soooo, I'll be making some monthly trips to purchase my henna in Decatur. (And I'm acting like Decatur is far, it's only 15 minutes from where I work - so dramatic. LOL) So, Friday morning I will be making a trip over to Decatur to pick up about 10 boxes of henna. I'm taking some home for my sister - yeah, she requested 4 boxes.

Ahywho, I'm gonna henna again tonight - hoping to "jump-start" the conditioning effects. Yeah, I know I just henna'd last week, so what! I'm ready for round two. I was away from home last night so I decided to bring my "supplies" with me and prepare the mix here at work this morning so it would be ready this evening. It's sitting under my desk right now near my space heater wrapped up in a sweater. LOL I can't wait to see the results from tonight.

I can definately tell the difference in my hair from the pre-henna days. My hair is really much softer and not as coarse feeling - if that makes sense. I mean it's so soft that it's scary. I have noticed more clumping and better curl definition as well. Since I have henna'd, I haven't used any curl defining product outside of Knot Today. No gels or puddings - I haven't needed them. I can't wait to henna tonight and see my results of the wash and go for tomorrow that will include a good co-wash, Knot Today, and Curling Custard. I'm thinking a record setting hair day is on the horizon!

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