Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And the winner is.......

Well, I did henna last night with the Mumtaz Al-Aroosa Henna. Here are my comparison results against the MDH Henna:

I used 200 grams and put it on pretty thick. This henna stayed dark green the entire time and it was hard to tell if/when the dye release occurred. The henna sat for about 12 hours before I applied it. As I was applying the henna I was a little worried because it looked different from the MDH Henna. This henna was super green! The MDH Henna was a greenish-brown after the dye release.

I left the henna on for about 3 hours with my heating pad and wrap. It took much longer to rinse the Mumtaz Al-Aroosa Henna than it did the MDH. I know I had to rinse for about 10 - 15 minutes just to get to the point of where the water was clear. There were still bits and pieces of henna and I could still feel some grit in my hair after the initial rinse.

Once the initial rinse was complete, I got into the shower to shampoo and condition my hair. With the MDH Henna I didn't need to shampoo right away because the henna rinsed away clean. The Mumtaz Al-Aroosa Henna did not. I shampooed and there was still a lot of debris left in my hair from the henna. As I conditioned, I still noticed tiny pieces of henna and grass coming from my hair.

On the bright side, my hair was super soft. It didn't take long to dry either. This morning when I got up, I rinsed my hair again and added some KC Knot Today and Curling Custard. I noticed my coils were not shrinking up as much, but I also noticed another color change. I liked my color better before this second henna. It seems as if my light streaks in the front are now gone or not as noticeable.

I just went outside to take some pictures. Let me see what it looks like.

Well, looks like the streaks are still there. I like the original henna color the best. I'll see if it brightens a bit after a few days. Maybe when I go back the the MDH Henna, I will get something similar to the original results.

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